Global Management

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Target Groups
arrow President
arrow International oriented managers of all departments
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You will
arrow understand business in a framework of international activities
arrow be informed about main markets and its development trends
arrow see consequences of your company strategies
arrow recognize future scenarios
arrow see and understand worldwide changes
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arrow interaction, workshop, group dynamic learning
arrow discussion
arrow brain sessions, brain gymGehirngymnastik, z.B. zur Erhöhung der Gehirnfrequenz und damit zur Verbesserung der Gehirnleistung
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Top trends for future oriented global managementInternationales, multikulturelles Management in den Pentagon-Märkten; mindestens in den Quadriga-Märkten als Leader
arrow International trends for the global market
arrow Main trends, which change the world
arrow Triade Markets: Europe, USA, Japan
arrow Quadriga Markets: + South East Asia
arrow Pentagon Markets: + China
arrow The four dragons: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South

arrow The four young dragons: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia,

arrow Possible consequences for global going companies
arrow Future scenarios
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